“The sky is not my limit…I am.”

― T.F. Hodge

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A love poem

You are gentle and soft like the wind on my skin every morning when the rays shine onto your deep brown eyes I think to myself, a beautiful morning indeed you caress the palm of my hand and stare at the fingers like it’s magic your breath at the back of my neck tickles and…

When we grow old

I think everyone can relate to when I say as kids we all wanted to grow up soon. We all had big dreams, where we all became old enough to push the trolley carts through the grocery store, picking out our own clothes, walking through the streets carrying our own bag, getting a fresh cup…


A colour I thought, all the colours in the world yet grey is what I see, I searched for the blue in the sky and the brown in his eyes, but all I saw was grey. He gave me roses and Lilies to bring home colour, with all the daisies and cherries but all I…