“The sky is not my limit…I am.”

― T.F. Hodge

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A late evening goodbye

One day, when I’ll go to sleep,you’ll be awake standing next to me Silent will be the sky Just the trees whispering goodbye. The stars awake over her She pointed and jumped From a faraway land he smiled. Fell over to the grass She stared at the wishing star Eyes closed,hands folded Pink skies reflect… Continue reading A late evening goodbye

Nightmares in daylight

Hours away but too far to reach Ears near for a whisper but stone deaf Eyes wide awake, but dark as a blind Sleeps peaceful as a baby Trembles within the paralysed self Runs through a hallway Half through a hummed melody Rest seen through a sleepy eyes Doors to windows Gardens and oceans Stay… Continue reading Nightmares in daylight

An illusion perhaps real

Emotions that cannot be expressed or felt , it’s something you cannot explain or tell Almost like when you taste something and its not differentiable Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter That’s what I felt when I fell in love, or so is it called Not the first love, Not the first kiss, But definitely the first… Continue reading An illusion perhaps real